Vega 是電子煙嗎?

不是。Vega 是一款便攜式芳香擴散器,含有植物提取物和天然香氣,可釋放芳香霧,提供芳香療法的所有好處。它們專為希望促進自我保健的成年人而設計。

電子煙被定義為電子尼古丁輸送系統。Vega擴散器中不含尼古丁。事實上,所有 Vega 擴散器都完全不含尼古丁、煙草、維生素 E 醋酸酯、THC、CBD 和任何其他受管制物質。

Vega diffusers 具有多種特徵,進一步將它們與電子煙區分開來,包括:




誰可以購買 Vega?

我們建議用戶年滿 18 歲。

我們建議患有哮喘、對成分過敏的用戶不要購買 Veg,孕婦或哺乳期婦女建議使用VEGA SLEEP。

如何使用我的 Vega?

拆箱擴散器並取下保護蓋。打開您的矽膠 Vega Tip TM並將其放在擴散器的底部。擠壓 Vega Tip TM從另一端抽出香薰霧。如需其他指導,請參閱此處

我需要為 Vega充電嗎?

不需要。電池設計用於提供 300 次呼吸(請注意這是在 1.5 秒/呼吸時測得的)。




如何存儲我的 Vega?

我們建議您將 Vega 設備放在陰涼、乾燥的地方,以確保最佳性能。

最好在購買後 6 個月內使用完畢。

我怎麼知道我的 Vega 設備已經使用完畢?

當設備末端的白燈開始閃爍或不再產生蒸熏時,您就會知道 Vega 已經用完了。

如果我的 Vega 設備出現故障會怎樣?





Is Vega an e-cigarette?

Hell no. Vega is a portable aromatic diffuser which contains plant-extract and natural aromas to release aromatic mist to provide all the benefits of aromatherapy. They are designed for adults looking to promote self-care.

E-Cigarettes are defined as electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS. There is no nicotine in Vega diffusers. In fact, all Vega diffusers are completely free of nicotine, tobacco, Vitamin E acetate, THC, CBD, and any other regulated substance.

Vega diffusers have a variety of features that further distinguish them from e-cigarettes, including:

- Intention: Vega diffusers are intended to provide an easy and convenient aromatherapy experience.

- Ingredients: Vega diffusers are filled with plant extract and natural aromas rather than any regulated substance.

- Mechanism of action: The temperature of Vega diffusers is intentionally kept as low as possible to preserve the plant extract and natural aromas.

Who can purchase Vega?

We recommend users are 18 years and up.

We recommend users with: asthma, allergies to our listed ingredients and pregnant or nursing women do not purchase Vega.

How do I use my Vega?

Unbox diffuser and remove protective caps. Open your silicone Vega TipTM and place it on the bottom-side of the diffuser. Squeeze Vega TipTM to pump aromatherapy mist out of the other end. For additional guidance please see here.

Do I need to charge my Vega?

No. The battery is designed to deliver 300 puffs (please note this is measured at 1.5 seconds / puff).

After your Vega is finished, you can recycle it in one of our Vega recycling boxes at a supporting retailer or return it using our online recycling program.

Where are your formulas sourced?

Each of our custom botanical blends is formulated in state-of-the-art labs based in the U.S.A.

We ensure all our ingredients are non-GMO, free of harmful pesticides, and purely natural.

How do I store my Vega?

We recommend you keep your Vega device in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum performance.

Best used within 6 months of purchase.

How will I know my Vega device is finished?

You’ll know your Vega has run out of juice when the white light at the end of your device starts flashing or there is no more air being produced.

What happens if I have a faulty Vega device?

If you think your device might be faulty, contact us via email at contact@vegapuff.com. Our customer service team will be happy to help.

How do you ensure quality control?

Keeping quality high exists at every step of our production process. We don’t just check the finished product—quality is integral to everything we do.

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