Vega Sleep


Vega Sleep is made of 100% natural ingredients, essential oils, Melatonin and L-Theanine. based on our special formula and backed by science to calm the mind and body and achieve a sleepy state with ease, simply inhale 5-15 inhales to achieve relaxation and sleepy state. you may find yourself very calm, relaxed and sleepy within 10-20 minutes. calming essential oils will be delivered to you immediately to calm down the body, L-theanine will be released to calm the mind and reduce anxiety and Melatonin to make the body being able to sleep deeper faster and better. the morning after you will feel refreshed, energized and recovered after a great night of sleep.

Specifications and Features:
- Based on unique formula mixed with a special blend of essential oils for a unique experience
- No charges , no cables, no mess, ready to use.
- Simply inhale to activate device
- Ready to go at any place anytime
- Pre-filled:1.2 mL
- Internal battery: 350 mAh
- Up to 300+ inhales per device
- Compact, light, and portable

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